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About Manaslu Candles

Our Story

We are three MIT graduate students in the Integrated Design and Management program from India, China, and America. This December, we're excited to introduce our first product venture together: Manaslu.


Manaslu means “mountain* of the spirit.”


Our hand poured candles are made from a combination of soy and beeswax to ensure natural and long burn times. They’re scented with MUJI essential oils, and the base is handcrafted concrete. This winter, we invite you to take nature back home with you.


*for those of you are Chinese or Japanese speakers, our logo starts out as the character for mountain (shān/yama)


How We Made Manaslu

Manufacturing Process


Global Team From MIT

Nikita Bansal

Tianqi Zhou

Lara Ortiz-Luis




Nikita is an engineer, designer and an aspiring entrepreneur from India. Academically, she worked in several research areas from electronic textiles to 3D microelectronics packaging. Professionally, she designed and managed a wearable electronic product for menstrual cramp relief from concept to manufacture. Currently she is honing her design thinking skills at the MIT's Integrated Design & Management program.

Hi, welcome to our Manaslu website. Before I went to MIT, I had worked as an A.I. product manager and HRI(Human Robot Interaction) designer in startups in Beijing, China for 3 years. I have dual bachelor degrees in both biostatistics and management. And I love both tech and design!

Lara is a creative business design professional from San Francisco, CA. She is now studying to get her MBA and MS at MIT so that she can double down on design, psychology, and sustainable business strategies to continue to create impact. Outside school, you can find her combining ingredients in the kitchen, spiking some sweet sets on the volleyball court, or learning a language.


"This candle looked so cool and I loved that I didn’t have to worry about wax dripping on the table! The concrete and wax combo is both functional and appealing. Would recommend 10/10."

- Leah

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